…you know the rest.
(What…were you thinking I’d go with some old Mark Twain quote? Talk about unoriginal…)

Since the initial post about NetApp Insight 2016 (in retrospect) that launched this site, I’ve always maintained the best of intentions to keep things fresh with multiple, technical-oriented posts. Life sometimes, though, doesn’t always like to line up with the same timetable we set for ourselves.

Instead, it results in another introspective type post 🙂

At the end of 2016, I concluded the chapter of my career where things had really taken off for me at a local, Atlanta-based technology consulting firm. After six years there and having the opportunity to begin building my own personal brand, learn from some of the greatest mentors the industry has ever known, and more importantly, create wonderful, lasting friendships, the time had come to make a decision regarding the next step in my career journey.

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